Our award-winning, dedicated team of caseworkers work with women’s immediate practical and emotional needs. The caseworkers offer 1:1 bespoke packages of support to women. We support women around child protection and can attend meetings. The team also run several courses for women around some of the issues below including the Freedom programme which can be delivered in 3 languages.


 Domestic abuse

Working through the emotional and practical support needs. Helping women understand their experiences, and move forward in a healthy way.

 Women apart from their children

Where women are not able to live with their children, they may have been placed in foster care or adopted, or they may live with other family members, our workers support women to understand, come to terms with, and look at options moving forward.

 Childhood sexual abuse

The caseworkers can support women who are struggling as a result of their experiences.


Our caseworkers work with women who have offended or who are at risk of offending. We offer practical and emotional support so women are able to move away from the criminal justice system.

 Specialist culturally sensitive support for women from all ethnic minorities and women of colour

We acknowledge and understand different parts of our local community have different support needs. Our specialist caseworker works in a culturally sensitive way with women who are struggling with all of the above and the following: FGM, Healthy lifestyles, Support groups, especially around social inclusion, Supporting women to access other organisations and Refugee and asylum women.

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