Groups & Courses

We run lots of different courses throughout the year. If you are interested in gaining support in this way, we probably have a course for you. All of our groups and courses are run by experienced staff who will make sure that it is a safe and welcoming environment for all.


 Some of our most popular courses are:

Gateway to wellbeing, this looks at lots of different ways to improve and maintain your emotional wellbeing.

Understanding menopause, looking at how to live with and manage symptoms of menopause.

Understanding anxiety, a course that helps you to manage your symptoms, you will learn strategies and tools.

Freedom programme, this is a course for women who have experienced domestic abuse and want to learn and move forward. It is one of our longer courses at 12 weeks.

Finding strength, this course is for women who are not able to have their children live at home with them for lots of different reasons, including those that have children in foster care or adoption. This is a non-judgemental space for women to discuss all that this entails.

Stronger futures, this looks at self-care, understanding domestic abuse, child protection, personal development and moving forward.

We also run lots of other groups and courses which are advertised on our website and other social media.

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